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  • Pigeon Facts | Target 1 Pest Control Birmingham & The Black Country

    • Like the rats they are often compared to, pigeons are perfectly adapted to human environments.
    • Our buildings and structures provide excellent roosts, our waste and crops provide plenty to eat (they’ll eat anything), and our way of life has wiped out any would-be predators or competitors.
    • Feral pigeons foul buildings, creating unwanted “stained glass” windows and “decorated” architecture.
    • All sorts of pests may migrate from their nests into buildings. Originally descended from the wild Rock Dove, a cliff-face dweller, these birds find the next best thing is a block of flats, a bit of Victorian Gothic architecture or a railway arch.
    • In the absence of natural predators, birds which fall sick survive to infect healthy ones with ornithosis and other diseases, some of which can be transmissible to man. Their accumulated droppings are also sources of disease.
    • Local authorities are empowered to deal with them under the Public Health Act, or a pest control contractor may be called in

    What Target 1 can do for you...

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    • Pigeon Spikes
    • Fouling clearances
    • Solar Panel proofing
    • Balconies Proofed & Cleaned 
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    • The Birdnet netting is constructed form high density ultra-violet stabilised knotted 12/6 polyethylene being chemically inert and rot proof in addition to offering a high resistance to a wide range of chemical and environmental conditions.
    • The result is a high quality tensioned Birdnet sealing the perimeter area and preventing gaps appearing. Birdnet is available in four mesh sizes and various colours depending on the physical surroundings and particular species causing the problem.

    Blunt Spikes 

    • The 316 grade stainless steel or plastic wires are 115mm high by 1.3mm in diameter. Three types are available, single point, double point or angular triple point. They are locked into special slots in the base from underneath so they will not come loose.
    • The base consists of UV stabilised acrylonitrile polystyrene, 50mm wide for the double and triple point and 30mm wide for the single point allowing it to be fixed along narrow stonework and architectural features. The system is bonded to the surface material using a strong neutral silicone adhesive